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Every meal includes a free complimentary poppadom and chutney sauce
2. Onion Bhajiya£3.45Finely sliced onions coated in flour, spices and herbs, deep fried and served with fresh mint sauce.
3. Vegetable Samosa£4.45Triangular shaped savoury samosas freshly made, filled with spiced vegetables. Served with fresh mint sauce
4. Lamb Samosa£4.45Folded parcels freshly made and filled with minced lamb and spiced fresh chutney
5. Chicken Pakora (New)£5.75Fresh chicken fillet marinated flour, herbs and spices, deep fried and served with fresh chutney.
6. Chicken Chilli Wings (New)£5.75Fresh chicken wings marinated flour, herbs and spices, deep fried and served with chilli sauce.
6A. Squid (New)£5.25Squid marinated in flour, spices, herbs and deep fried, served with mint sauce.
Tandoori - Clay Oven Dishes
7. Narayani Salmon£6.55Spiced fresh salmon fillets brochette marinated in our own homemade masala cooked over charcoal
8. Lamb Tikka£6.15Slightly spiced, tender fillets of lamb mildly marinated and cooked in our tandoori oven
9. Chicken Tikka
Slightly spiced, diced chicken breast marinated in herbs and spices cooked gently in our tandoori oven
10. Lamb Chops (New)
Tender lamb chops marinated in tandoori spices and cooked in our tandoori oven.
11. Tandoori Chicken Wings (New)£5.85Chicken niblets marinated in tandoori spices and cooked in our tandoori oven.
12.Lamb Shish Kebab£5.95Minced lamb mixed with coriander, ginger, garlic and our very own kitchen made spices, gently cooked in the tandoor (spiced)
13. Dinner Mixed Kebab (Serves 2 People)£10.75Spiced tender fillets of lamb and chicken breast, marinated in our own special spice, with fresh onions, capsicum and tomatoes
14. Tandoori Mixed Grill (serves two)£11.35Spiced selection of meat, chicken and prawns marinated in herbs and spices and slowly cooked in our tandoori oven with fresh salad and mint sauce
15. Char Grilled Paneer£6.35Slighty spiced homemade cottage cheese marinated with our own special spices slowly cooked with green peppers and onions in our tandoori oven and topped with tomato sauce
15A. Panner Tikka Shashlik£6.15homemade cottage cheese marinated with our own special spices slowly cooked with green peppers and onions in our tandoori oven.
16. Tandoori King Prawn
Slightly spiced, king prawns carefully marinated mixed with our homemade spices and cooked in the clay oven
Vegetarian Main Courses
17. Mixed Vegetable Korma£5.95Contains nuts, mixed vegetables with dried nuts in a mild creamy sauce
18. Mixed Vegetable Curry£5.85Spiced seasonal combination of fresh vegetables and our own spices and herbs creates this mouth watering dish
19. Vegetable Rajasthani£5.95Contains nuts, mixed vegetables cooked dopiaza style with nuts, fresh coriander, capsicum, onions and cream
20. Saag Paneer£5.75Spiced cubes of homemade cheese cooked with fresh baby spinach leaves
21. Mutter Paneer£5.75Spiced cubes of homemade cottage cheese cooked with fresh peas in onions and tomato sauce
21A. Paneer Tikka Masala£6.55Marinated tender Indian cheese roasted in tandoor and cooked with rich tikka sauce
Seafood Main Courses
22. Trisuli Fish£7.95Hot spiced boneless fish fillets in traditional sauce with tamarind, fresh green herbs, curry leaves, ground mustard seeds and a hint of chopped garlic
23. Fish Masala£7.95Contain nuts, tender marinated fish fillets deep fried and cooked in a special masala sauce
24. King Prawn Tikka Masala£10.95Contains nuts, tender king prawns marinated in various spices roasted in tandoori oven and cooked in tikka sauce
25. Balewa King Prawn
Hot spiced king prawns grilled in our tandoori oven and cooked in a traditional sauce with tamarind, fresh green herbs and curry leaves
26. King Prawn Patia£10.95Slightly spiced, king prawns cooked in a delicious sweet and tangy sauce with curry leaves
27. King Prawn Bhuna£10.95Spice king prawn sauteed with aromatic spices cooked with herbs and fresh tomatoes
28. Samundari Salmon£7.95Contains nuts, slightly spiced fresh salmon marinated with spices and roasted in tandoor with green peppers,tomatoes and onionsand top up with sauce.
Lamb Main Courses
29. Lamb Tikka Masala£7.95Contains nuts, tender barbecued lamb simmered with a tomato and a cashew nut sauce, fenugreek leaves and a touch of garam masala
30. Lamb Chilli Masala£7.95Hot spiced sliced lamb fillet from our tandoori oven cooked with traditional spices and fresh green chilli
31. Himalayan Lamb£7.95Hot spiced, tender lamb cooked with courgettes in a thick tomato sauce, onion, ginger, garlic topped with fresh mint
32. Lamb Bhuna£7.95Hot spiced, tender lamb tempered with a pinch of ginger and coriander cooked in a tomato, garlic and ginger sauce
33. Lamb Badami Pasanda£7.95Contains nuts, tender slices of lamb cooked in a sweet creamy sauce with a ground cashew nuts and peanuts
34. Shahi Lamb Shank£9.95Hot spiced, tender shank of lamb cooked slowly with herbs and green chilli, to give the meat that delicious fall of the bone texture
35. Lamb Rogan Josh
Tender spicy lamb cubes in a traditional rogan josh sauce. Served with lots of fresh tomatoes
36. Saag Gosht£7.95Tender spiced lamb cubes gently cooked with fresh baby leaf spinach
Chicken Main Courses
37. Chicken Tikka Masala£7.95Contains nuts, marinated tender chicken breast cooked in the clay oven and simmered with rich masala sauce
38. Chicken Korma£7.95Contains nuts, one of Britain's most popular choices. Chicken flavoured with mixtures of aromatic spices and nuts in a mild creamy sauce
39. Chicken Chilli Masala (Hot)
Hot spiced chicken breast cooked in our tandoori oven served in a rich tomato sauce with green chilli
40. Butter Chicken£7.95Contains nuts, tandoori chicken breast cooked in a mild masala sauce with mushrooms and green peas, topped with almonds
41. Chicken Palak£7.95Spice tender chicken breast cooked with fresh spinach
42. Chicken Bhuna£7.95Spiced tender chicken breast cooked in tomato, onion, ginger, garlic and mixed with our very own garam masala
42A. Chicken Balti£7.95Chicken cooked in a delicious medium spiced sauce.
42B. Chicken Dopiaza£7.95A medium spicy dish that features slices of fried onions.
42D. Chicken Mushroom£7.95Tender Chicken breast and fresh mushroom cokked with our freshly ground spices.
42E. Chicken Aloo£7.95Tender Chicken Breast and potatoes cooked with our freshly ground spices.
42F. Chicken Jalfrezi (Hot)£7.95Chicken cooked with tomatoes, steamed green peppers and onions, finished in a hot sauce with added green chillies.
42G. Chicken Madras (very Hot)£7.95Chicken cooked with rich spicy tomato sauce and with fresh spices.
42H. Chicken Vindaloo (very very Hot)£7.95A saucy dish made with a combination of herbs, spices and chillies.Vindaloos are one of the hottest curry dishes.
43. Chicken Rajasthani£7.95Contains nuts, a light chicken dish cooked dopiaza style with nuts, fresh coriander, capsicum, onion and cream
44. Chicken Magalore (Hot)£7.95The unique mix of cumin seeds,capsicum,tomato,ginger and spices gives chicken breasts distinctive fresh taste.
45. Chicken Dhansak£7.95Spiced tender chicken breast cooked with lentils in sweet and tangy sauce
Special Main Courses
46. Mix Vegetable Biryani
Slightly spiced mixed vegetables prepared with rice, accompanied by our chef's special sauce
47. Lamb Biryani£8.95Slightly spiced tender lamb with rice, accompanied by our chef's special sauce
48. Chicken Biryani£8.95Spiced tender chicken breast with rice cooked in a traditional way and served with our chef's special delicious sauce
49. King Prawn Biryani£11.55Spiced marinated king prawn cooked with rice and served with sauce
49A. Special Dinner Biryani£10.25Spiced chargrilled chicken, lamb and king prawn with mushrooms cooked haydrabadi style, served with sauce
Vegetable Side Dishes
50. Tarka Daal£3.95Slightly spiced mixed lentils traditionally prepared with ginger and garlic
51. Daal Palak£4.95Slightly spiced mixed lentils cooked with spinach leaves
52. Daal Makhani£4.95Slightly spiced black lentils and kidney beans cooked gently with ginger, cream and butter
53. Lekali Mushrooms£4.65Slightly spiced mushrooms cooked with onions, tomato and mild spices
54. Spinach
Slightly spiced fresh spinach cooked with cumin seeds, ginger and garlic
55. Bhindi Bhaji
Slightly spiced fresh okra cooked in tomato, cumin, mustard seeds a touch of ginger and garlic
56. Chana Masala£4.25Slightly spiced chickpeas cooked with green peppers, onion and chat masala
57. Mumbai Potatoes£4.25Slightly spiced sliced potatoes fried with butter and chat masala
58. Aloo Gobi£4.25Slightly spiced cauliflower and sliced potatoes cooked with exotic spices
59. Aloo Palak£4.95Our popular slightly spiced fresh baby leaf spinach with sliced potatoes
60. Paneer Mirch Masala (New)£5.25A blend of Cottage cheese and peppers cooked in an onion and tomato masala sauce.
61. Shahi Baygan
Slightly spiced fresh aubergines cooked with onions and garlic with herbs
chef special
Goa Chicken (Hot)£8.25Chicken marinated in a special blend of spices, cooked in a Goa style with thick sauce.
Kochi Chicken (Medium Hot)£8.25Medium spiced taste, Chicken cooked in Kochi style with garlic, ginger, methi, prepared according to your taste.
Chicken Chattinad (Hot)£8.25Tomatoes, garlic, ginger and a special blend of Chattinaad spices.
Laal Maans (Medium Hot)£8.95A traditional Rajasthan speciality of diced lamb cooked with dried red chillies and crushed garlic.
Rice & Bread
62. Plain Basmati Rice£1.95Steamed basmati rice
63. Pilau Rice£2.35Basmati rice cooked to our own special recipe
64. Special Mushroom Rice£3.25Pilau rice fried with mushroom
65. Lemon Rice
Lemon flavoured rice cooked with peas and curry leaves
66. Plain Naan£2.25Whole wheat bread freshly baked in our tandoori oven
67. Peshwari Naan£2.95Very delicious naan bread cooked with sultanas and nuts.
68. Keema Naan£2.95Naan bread filled with spicy minced meat
69. Garlic Naan
Fresh naan cooked with garlic
70. Chilli Naan (New)
Naan cooked with fresh green chilli.
71. Lachedar Paratha£2.95Wheat flour leavened and rolled in layers, giving a flaky texture
72. Tandoori Roti£1.95Popular Indian bread cooked in our tandoori oven
Kids Meal
73. Chicken Nuggets & Chips£3.95
74. Chicken Tikka & Chips£3.95Mild
Salad & Sauce
75. Dinner Special Salad£2.25Chopped Tomatoes, cucumber, onions mix with the spices, herbs and dressing with fresh lemon.
76. Mint Yogurt£1.35
77. Raita Yogurt£1.25Cucumber
78. Chilli Sauce£1.15
79. Mixed Pickles£1.25
80. Mango Chutney£0.60
81. Extra Poppadom
82. Spiced Poppadom£0.75
Desserts & Lassy
Indian desserts Gulab Jamun£1.95
Diet Coke£1.00More
Bottle of Sparkling Water 1.5L£1.95
Bottle of Still Water 1.5L£1.95
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